NEW haircare treatments now available in Sutton Coldfield

haircare treatments Sutton Coldfield

The entire team of Boldmere hairdressers at UBU Hair are really excited this week, with the announcement that we have NEW haircare treatments available in Sutton Coldfield.

It’s vital to maintain optimum hair health during Winter months. Colder, wetter, windier weather damages hair integrity, whilst indoor heating can dry out hair leaving it brittle and more susceptible to heat-based damage.

Having a regular haircare regime, and utilising haircare treatments makes all the difference to hair strength, hair shine, and overall hair health.

Our haircare experts in Sutton Coldfield have researched available hair treatments, and have fantastic options now available for all clients to try.

There are two gorgeous haircare treatments in-salon for clients called Fusio-Dose and K Water, both from Kerastase, one of our favourite global brands.

Both of these haircare treatments are salon exclusive, and we stock the full range of Kerastase products and treatments at our Boldmere hair salon.

best hait treatments Sutton Coldfield

Fusio-Dose treatments combine a concentrate with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair needs. Acting as a haircare beauty ‘shot’, the Fusio gets to the root of your hair’s problem to replenish shine.

Our hair withstands a lot from styling, colouring and Winter/Summer elements.

Hair can end up frizzy, dull and dry. Just as we treat our skin in the form of cleansers, serums and masks, it’s important to have the same targeted approach to our haircare.

Fusio-dose boosters and concentrates form the heart of these new haircare services, and they provide fast, rapid-acting and powerful hair treatments and personalised haircare from our Sutton Coldfield salon.

Fusio-Does haircare treatment prices start from just £10 in-salon.

best haircare Sutton Coldfield

We’re also now offering K Water hair treatments at our Boldmere hair salon, and these are perfect for rehydrating damaged hair.

K Water’s lamellar technology is a breakthrough in salon haircare, and works instantly to deliver perfect hair.

K Water is a combination of glycol, caring agents and amino acids, which automatically binds to the areas of hair needing nourishment. K Water’s caring agents bind instantly to hair, creating smooth, hydrated fibers which give smooth, sleek hair and a glass-like shine.

K Water haircare treatment prices start from just £5 in-salon.

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Please mention this blog post when you visit us, to get a full and free haircare consultation as well as our latest Fusio-Dose and K Water hair treatments.

We can also offer clients the perfect prescription haircare for home use.

To book online for any of our haircare services in Sutton Coldfield, please visit here.