At UBU Hair we use Majirel professional hair colour that covers up to 100% of grey hair whilst caring for the hair fibre. Majirel creates vibrant and pure reflect colours with a wide palette of rich tones and shades. A first in professional hair colour, Majirel cares for the entirety of the hair fibre. Enriched with Incell™ and Ionène G™ . The formula helps strengthen and re-enforce the hair fibre. Hair feels stronger, and is left looking glossy and feeling soft and supple to the touch.

Hair Colour and Personal Style

Your personal style and taste is also important and something you can discuss with us at UBU hair before choosing a colour.

A quick tip is to consider the hue of your natural colouring and see whether you have a warm or cool complexion.

The colour choice for blondes has never been better! Cool tones, warm tones, iridescent or matte – sun-kissed or even total platinum. Whatever option you can imagine, with the help of us at ubu hair you can achieve your perfect blonde.

Once upon a time a brunette was a brunette – but luckily those days are long gone!

We’ve got caramel or toffee, espresso or French roast – the brunette colour shades literally sound good enough to eat! But as much as we love the staple brown hair colours, there is no doubt that the hottest brunette tones this season all involve our specialist techniques.

Ombre and Balayage brunettes – all have a natural and sun kissed effect that will soften your facial features and bring out the true beauty of your complexion.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that originates from 1970s France. The word Balayage is French for ‘sweeping’, and is used to create light and shade through the hair by applying colour visually.

Balayage is usually applied freehand, without the use of foil and can be use to create anything from a strong, ‘punk like’ bold contrast in colour to a soft, elegant and natural sun-kissed look.

The Balayage technique can be used in both long and short styles, however for best results we recommend it is used on long hair, below the shoulders.

It has been a popular request in salon recently and there is an ever growing demand for personalised colour as people look for ways to differentiate and create a unique style.